Come and study to the Faculty of Medecine of Rennes

You are an Erasmus+ Student and you would like to study at the Faculty of Medicine of Rennes. The international relations office can welcome you for one or two semesters of study or traineeships.


The city of Rennes, the capital of the Brittany region, is ideal for student mobility for a semester or a university year.
City of 210,000 inhabitants, including more than 63,000 students, Rennes has all the advantages of a big city while offering the comfort of life of a city on a human scale. Rennes is also ranked each year among the best cities in France in which to study.
A city of culture and sport, it offers many services: cinemas, sports facilities, libraries, pubs, theatres, restaurants...
Rennes is also ideally located to discover France. With an airport and a train station, it is located 1 ½ hour from Paris by train, and about 1 hour from the coast of Brittany. The city is also close to monuments such as Mont Saint Michel or the Castles of the Loire.
Finally, life in Rennes has many advantages for students: the cost of living (housing, transport...) is much lower than in Paris and many services are available to students: university housing for moderate rent (165 to 250 euros per month), university restaurants (which offer full meals for 3.25 euros (2017-2018 prices)). Public transport is also very developed (metro, night buses, self-service bicycles...).

Application Form

Applicants must submit their application by sending an application form to the International Relations Office, after selection confirmed by their Faculty of Medicine, partner and the Faculty of Medicine of Rennes.

Learning Agreement

After acceptation by the faculty of medicine of Rennes, the student must complete a learning agreement (obligatory part of your application form).
After submission of traineeships chosen by the student, the international relations office will propose a traineeship over one or two semesters, according to your request.


The Erasmus+ student is affected to a traineeship in a service chosen for one or two months with courses the afternoon.
The examinations are organized in December for semester 1 and in May for semester 2.
At the end of the student's stay, a transcript of records will be issued for validation of his/her studies or traineeship.

Language certificate

The Faculty of Medicine of Rennes requires a B1 level in French. The Erasmus+ student has the possibility to register at the beginning of the year to take French courses taught by the CIREFE (which teaches French as a foreign language) at University Rennes 2.

Housing Application

The Crous (Centre régional des œuvres universitaires et scolaires) bedroom application form is to be printed on the website and to be returned to the International Relations office no later than the 1st of June for Semester 1 and the 15th of November for Semester 2.
For Further information, please feel free to contact the secretary of International Relations.